As a manager, as a consultant, or through Visette Inc. and its subsidiaries, here are some
    of Vasile Zamfirescu's success stories:

  • Conducted negotiations, concluded agreements, managed contracts and developed business for various products and
    services in over 30 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Northern and Western Africa, North & South America,
    and the Middle East.

  • Led Canadian firms to unprecedented growth, profitability and renewal. As an example: turn-around assignment with
    a Western Canadian farm equipment assembly and national distribution operation. By improving the quality system,
    raising the customer service level, introducing reporting and control methods, and designing appropriate sales and
    marketing programs, sales increased five times during period of steep decline in demand.

  • Provided consulting and management services on several capital projects, including a US$250-Million 5-star hotel &
    conference centre. Guided clients through the entire process of development, from initial ideas in form of schematic
    design, to the municipal approvals, full architectural design development, worldwide search for general contractors
    and financing. Produced feasibility studies and business plans.

  • Led international affiliates to secure and execute jobs as general contractors and system integrators for several
    banking IT systems, contract values up to US$17-Million. One project included a banking “turn-key” IT system
    comprising the entire hardware system, communications, networking and banking software for 500 concurrent users.
    Managed successful implementations of several business and banking software systems which included planning,
    training, project management, and help desk.

  • Provided significant management assistance to overseas clients with complex arrangements for the purchasing,
    financing and leasing of an aircraft fleet, contract value in excess of US$200-Million and the start-up and operations of
    a regional airline.

  • Provided general management and directorships for foreign subsidiaries. Company locations include North America,
    Eastern Europe and Central America.

  • Designed and implemented strategy for the start-up and development of a number of firms in a variety of industries:
    Manufacturing, Distribution, Computer hardware assembly, Software development and implementation, International
    trade, Air transportation, Construction management, Business services.

  • Devised and implemented strategies for the sale and acquisition of companies in various industries, guided the
    negotiations to achieve win-win outcomes and completed the due diligence process.

  • Recruited and coached management teams and multi-disciplinary specialist groups in several industries in six countries.
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