Professional Ethics

    Geographic Markets

    Visette Inc. has extensive experience in several geographic areas: Canada (from Coast to Coast),
    EU, Eastern Europe, Central & South America, and Northern & Western Africa.

    Languages & Communications

    Visette Inc. conducts business in English, French, Romanian and Russian.

    We have significant experience with diversity and multi-cultural business environments.


    Visette's clients have benefited from our concept of using teams of multi-disciplinary, sometimes
    multi-national experts, through a combination of permanent employees, stand-by resources and
    associates retained for specific projects.

    We have thus maintained a large pool of readily available professionals in management, law,
    operations, accounting, marketing and sales, mergers&acquisitions, financing, and IT-related

    Our team members possess relevant advanced education and certifications, and are actual
    entrepreneurs who have themselves "been there done that".

    Nevertheless, the professional responsibility for the quality of our work and the delivery of our
    projects on time and within budget resides with our partners.

    Vasile Zamfirescu - Managing Partner

    Visette Inc. was founded in 1992 by Vasile Zamfirescu of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

    He has a Masters in Industrial Engineering, a B.Comm (international business operations) and holds an MBA
    from University of Alberta.

    Vasile's areas of particular specialization are general & strategic management, business development,
    transaction structuring & negotiation and contract management, operations management, productivity
    enhancement, turnaround, control and reporting systems and project management.

    Vasile's experience includes profit & loss responsibility for several companies, various executive positions in
    international trade, senior management responsibilities in operations and marketing, a number of start-up and
    turnaround assignments both in Europe and in Canada, a huge number of contracts negotiated and
    managed, and numerous projects in a consulting or advisory role. Vasile Zamfirescu has been a board member
    of several companies around the world and has conducted negotiations for major and complex commercial
    and technology transfer transactions with organization from more than 30 countries. Once we add Vasile's
    business-ownership history, in an assortment of industries, we may confidently (though humbly) say: "been
    there, done that".  

    Vasile is a regular, full time business instructor with the School of Business, Kwantlen Polytechnic University,
    where he teaches Business Diploma and BBA courses in Business Management, International Business,
    Production & Operations Management, and Business Strategy.

    Vasile Zamfirescu may be contacted directly at vz@visette.com.
Our pledge: Confidentiality, Objectivity, Integrity, Effectiveness, Affordability