Founded in 1992, Visette provides business consulting
    primarily to SMEs involved in Services, Manufacturing,
    Distribution, I.T. and International Operations.

    We know that, at any given time, business executives face
    major challenges, nurture wonderful dreams, or agonize
    over some instinctive desire to make changes.
    We know that in each of these situations
    the executive would greatly appreciate the availability
    of a high quality, dependable “sounding board”.
    We can be that for you!

    We are a Canadian-owned business consulting boutique,
    providing customized services exclusively in areas where
    we have solid knowledge and successful experience.
    We are proud to guarantee affordability and effectiveness
    together with unusual client-care and utmost trustworthiness.

    If you seek support for certain “business challenges”, we are prepared to sit down with you, listen and
    hear your specific situation. Then, we would decide together if we are the people who you want to
    formulate a fresh, objective point of view; or to develop recommendations on projects and activities
    envisaged by your company; or to sit on your board of directors; or to entrust with diagnosis, strategy
    design, particular business projects, or implementation assignments.

    We may assist you with the sale of your company, a merger, or the acquisition of another organization.
    You could subcontract to us certain costly activities such as contract management or use our help for
    your needs in critical areas like management accounting, contract disputes, and due diligence. We
    may take care of the management of your entire business for you, or oversee fundamental change
    including the planning and execution of turnarounds.

    And, if you are a foreign firm interested to doing business in Canada, we may help with many types of
    investment projects, from acquisition of Canadian firms to starting up affiliates, and from investment in
    real estate to certain aspects of the immigration process.

    In other words, we offer affordable, personalized, innovative management consulting services for your
    specific “business challenges”.

    Our strong beliefs:

            Even when working with the best-run organizations, we will uncover and exploit significant
    potential for additional growth, enhanced profitability and continual renewal.

            By utilizing our holistic approach, systematic analysis, innovative strategy, and disciplined
    implementation of appropriate solutions, we will answer any business challenge we
    undertake.  For us, failure is not an option!

    So, if you feel like talking, please give us a call, send us an e-mail message, or use the "contact" link.

    Thank you.


    Vasile Zamfirescu

    Tel: 1-604-420-9331

    e-mail: vz@visette.com
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