Over the years, we have recorded numerous expressions of praise from clients, associates
    and stakeholders, both for the performance of our Consultants and for the results of our firm’
    s activities. We thank all those who have given us these gratifying references and are proud
    to publish excerpts from a select few of such opinions.

    ...Vasile impressed me as an outstanding professional with superior, creative business skills
    gained through international exposure and experience...”  Stanley K.A  Au, CCM, CA,
    Burnaby, BC, 1990

    ...Mr. Zamfirescu is a person of integrity, reliability, high intelligence and unusual
    competence.... On several occasions we found time to discuss topics outside the world of
    business. Here too I was impressed because Mr. Zamfirescu exhibited an understanding of
    our history, geography and social development which I felt at the time indicated a interest and
    appreciation for Canada which would put many native-born Canadians to shame....”  G.P.
    MacPherson, President, Corporation House Ltd., Ottawa, ON, 1986

    ...Vasile effectively helped the company to increase sales and gross margins, and was
    instrumental in securing multi-million dollar contracts with the Department of National Defence.
    He had a major contribution in the design and installation of a new computer system, providing
    conceptual and detailed requirements for many customized subsystems. He also participated
    in the transition to a Total Quality Management concept....”  Ray Peets, President, Reliable
    Engine Services Ltd., Edmonton, AB, 1991

    ...Visette has consistently helped our company with competent advice in many areas where
    the practices vary from country to country. A few examples are those related to transfer
    price and international payments related to license fees, investment and dividends. Visette’s
    analyses of subtle implications of national and international laws and the harmonization of
    sometimes conflicting provisions produced significant savings for us and helped our company
    to implement sound control systems...”  Carmen Calota, General Manager, Logimax
    Technologies, Bucharest, Romania, 1999

    ...I have had many occasions to witness Vasile’s superior performance of many aptitudes
    which are of value to a potential client: the ability to absorb and synthesize voluminous and
    complicated information; the ability to see and understand the larger picture while retaining the
    ability to operate and contribute at the micro level; the ability to conceive novel and creative
    approaches and perspectives to issues and problems, the ability to lead a team and to keep it
    on track; the ability to convey and defend a position or strategy forcefully and cogently.
    Vasile is a very intelligent, focused, determined and hard-working individual. I have never
    known him to shy away from any challenge nor to be unprepared to meet any challenge
    which he has taken on. In all of my dealings with him, I have found him to be a formidable ally
    to those on his team, including myself as legal counsel...” Frank Tutino, Founding Partner,
    Tutino Potechin, Avocats-Attorneys, Montreal, QC, 2003

    ...Thank you, Vasile! Had it not been for you, [all these major architectural projects] would not
    have been possible...”  Vladimir Arsene, AIA, UAR, President, Westfourth Architecture PC,
    New York, NY, 1997
    "...the success of our firm on the markets that we serve in Eastern Europe with our IT-related
    products and services is the direct result of the substantial, high-quality management
    consulting services provided by Visette Inc. From strategy design and implementation to
    performance monitoring and quality improvement, from large scale contract negotiation to RFP
    development, and from directorship to project management, the services provided by Visette
    have been, for years, our firm’s most valuable asset...”  Hilde Corbu, CEO, Logimax S.A.,
    Bucharest, Romania, 2002

    ...Mr. Zamfirescu has shown himself to be very capable, professional and ethical...
    combining a high level of intelligence with very strong practical experience. He is able to
    identify issues, analyze information, develop action plans and manage the process to achieve
    the best possible results...”  Charles Smedmor, CA, Managing Director, Smedmor &
    Associates, Toronto, ON, 2003
Professional, objective, impartial, ethical advice