Management Consulting
    On-site or Online

    Areas of expertise

    Our management and business consulting services, fully
    adapted to the needs of our clients, may be of benefit to you
    in one or more of the following areas:

    General and Strategic Management - complete management
    assistance to managers and owners

    Performance Improvement - Productivity & Performance Audit
    and Improvement, TQM, Restructuring

    Quality in services, assessment and improvement

             Complete Operations Management Audit, findings, and recommendations

    Business Plans - concept and execution


    Business Development - domestic & international: start-up or expansion

    Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales, Divestitures and Valuations of companies

    Contract management, negotiations and implementation


    Interim management

    o        Contract management
    o        The Export or the Import function
    o        Cost accounting

    Principles & Process

    Our management consulting services are governed by certain principles and follow a certain process (please see

    To discuss your specific circumstances, please CONTACT US.
Affordable, effective solutions fully customized to your business needs and challenges
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Let's be proactive and act swiftly:

purchase the initial consultation for $255.00 (this is our minimum charge for the
initial session of 2 hours, with the 15% DISCOUNT for online consulting already applied).

We will send you, within 24 hours (e-mail, fax) our non-disclosure agreement and will
suggest a time to "meet" online (phone, Skype). The first online conversation will not
affect your credit of 2 hours.

Together, we will agree on the first target-area that you'd like us to focus on with
respect to your current business challenges. We will ask for relevant information
regarding these target-areas and analyze it. We will submit to you our initial assessment
and a proposal of how to proceed.

You will then have a simple choice to make: continue working with us or not. If you
choose not to, we will refund $100.00 of the initial fee, no questions asked.
Whether your location is in
our neighbourhood, or on
the other side of the Earth,
approaches in designing
solutions in the fields of
Operations Management
and Business Strategy will
lead to quantifiable
improvements for your
organization, in the most
cost-effective manner.